Suzy Montignac

In 1986, Michel Montignac was the first – in a line to follow – to use the glycemic index for weight control. He developed a scientifically proven eating plan, not just for weight loss but for long-term weight control : he called it  the Montignac Method.

The Montignac Method is now widely known around the world as a healthy way to achieve impressive and sustainable weight-loss.

To meet a growing demand for healthier foods, Montignac developed a line of products based on his Method and founded the company Nutrimont. Suzy Montignac, his wife, who assisted in the creation and development of the Method, pursues his work and directs Nutrimont since 2010.

Suzy continues to build on Michel’s success by promoting the concept of improving eating habits without taking the pleasure out of meals, bringing to the brand an additional sparkle of innovation, imbued with energy, color and freshness.

She collaborates with a select group of specialized producers to expand the line of healthy food products established by Montignac. Their expertise and innovation make them ideal partners for the creation and distribution of products worthy of the Montignac name.

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